Thriving with Celiac Disease 

Danielle Beauregard is a regular on the Children’s Miracle Network.She suffers from severe seizures.But lately, the 14-year old has been thriving.As Joy Hollowell tells us, it’s thanks in part to a diagnosis that came as a shock to the Hampden family.===========”The day after her 1st birthday, she had a seizure that for whatever reason did not stop,” says Tracy Beauregard, Danielle’s mother.The effects left Danielle beauregard with permanent brain damage.”At that point, all she could do was lift her head,” says Tracy.Doctors diagnosed Danielle with Infantile Spasms and began a regiment of medication to control the seizures. They worked for awhile, and Danielle eventually learned to walk and feed herself among other things. But when she was nine years old, the seizures came back.”The rug was pulled out from underneath us again. And it was scary because we really didn’t know why they were happening,” says Tracy Beauregard.Doctors prescribed stronger drugs.”At one point, she was so doped up on the medication, that she couldn’t exist,” says Tracy Beauregard.The Beauregards were desperate. In the summer of 2007, they ended up taking Danielle to Darmouth to discuss possible surgery on their little girl’s brain. It was there, an interesting discovery was made.”She had been at 65 pounds, and now you’re at 57. Start counting that up, I’m like, that’s 7 pounds, 10% of that little girl’s body weight. So I asked the neurologist, ‘do yah think there’s anything else going on, any other underlying problems? He’s like, oh no.'” says Tracy Beauregard.But Tracy wasn’t convinced. She went back to Danielle’s pediatrican. He suggested testing the 12-year old for a number of things, including Celiac disease. Those with the condition can’t digest gluten – a protein that’s found in foods containing wheat, barley, rye, and oats.”We start sitting at the Internet, Celiac disease. Symptoms of Celiac disease. Weight loss, mouth sores, she had all those things. Seizures,” says Tracy Beauregard.The test came back positive, in fact Danielle’s pediatrician said it was the worst case he’d ever seen. The Beauregards changed Danielle’s diet and say the results were immediate.”She has not had a seizure in over 16 months, she’s gained 27 pounds, she has more balance, she’s a girl we hever had,” says Tracy Beauregard.Tracy and Mark are both careful to point out that they do not believe Celiac disease caused Danielle’s seizures. She is still on low doses of medication.”I believe that the medication is definitely controlling the seizures. However, I believe the Celiac disease has made her healthy, has allowed the drugs to absorb her into her system. Celiac disease was Danielle’s life preserver,” says Tracy Beauregard.==========For more information on Celiac Disease…you can log onto