Lobster Picnic for the Over 50 Crowd a Success 

Sunshine and lobster on the waterfront, it was a nice Thursday afternoon for some folks in Bangor.The Bangor Parks and Recreation Department put on a lobster picnic Thursday.It’s part of a series of monthly events the department puts on for adults over 50.$16 got folks a full meal with sides and dessert, live entertainment, and members of the rec department themselves serving up the food. “This picnic we like to put it on ourselves. we don’t hire anybody for it, we do it ourselves, for them,” Said Parks and Rec. Superintendent Debbie Gendreau. “I came last year and enjoyed it so much,” Said Iris Black of Bangor, on hand again for this year’s picnic. “The weather was wonderful, and the atmosphere was great, and the food was super.”The musicians were volunteers including two Hampden brothers playing bluegrass, and Sam Chase, who works in the department.The monthly events are open to everyone over 50, including those who live outside the greater Bangor area.