Bangor Native Watches Childbirth From Around the Globe 

From 8,000 miles away a Marine from Maine was able to watch the birth of his daughter.Captain Nathaniel Picard is a graduate of John Bapst High School in Bangor.He’s currently stationed in Iraq.His wife Rebecca recently gave birth to their daughter at Maine General in Augusta.Captain Picard was able to watch on a live video feed…and talk to his wife during the delivery. “It just tore my heart out to watch her go through so much pain, but then I immediately forgot about it as soon I saw Lucy. So let’s go have 10 more honey!” Picard Told TV5 on Thursday.Captain Picard, Rebecca, and their daughter Lucille Elizabeth are all doing just fine.It was all made possible by the Freedom Calls Foundation, a charity that helps deployed troops stay in touch with their families during milestone events.