32nd Annual Owl’s Head Auto Auction 

If you’re an antique car enthusiast, or in the market to purchase one the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum is the place to be on Saturday.Have you always had a dream car in mind?Well chances are, it may be among cars that will be auctioned off at the 32nd annual Owl’s Head Auto Auction.But there hasn’t always been as big of a selection. “The very first car auction we had I remember distinctly because we only had a few cars. I think there was 15 cars and we raised 5,000 dollars.” Museum director Charles Chiarchiaro was the first paid employee at the museum.He’s had the chance to see the auction grow through the years.Chiarchiaro says it’s become the museum’s largest fundraiser. “This is a fundraiser that we’ve done again for 32 years that has raised 3 million dollars for our endowment program.”This year’s auction goes all the way back to 1911 with the Buick 14 Roadster.The newest car up for auction is a 2000 Maserati.But the vehicle likely to draw the most attention: a 1935 Duesenberg J. “There are very few of those around. In 32 years I’ve only sold one other car that was a Duesenberg in auction. So we’re very pleased to have the Duesenberg here in auction. And if it does sell in this auction it would probably sell for over a half a million dollars.” Chiarchiaro expects to have from 600 to 800 bidders and 3,000 spectators. “And they come and a spectator watches the auction because it’s the greatest car show you could ever see. To watch people’s dreams come true is very exciting.”While this is a big fundraiser for the museum, Chiarchiaro says it isn’t all about the money. “But what’s important is that it brings people here that would never necessarily come here physically or virtually over the internet because people can look at every car online.”If you think it’s time to make that dream car of yours become a reality then head to the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum Saturday morning.Bidding starts at 9-30. Bidder registration for the auction is $75.Spectator admission for adults is $15. Members of the museum and folks under eighteen get in free.For more information, or to look at the vehicles up for bidding, go to their website