Bangor’s Paul Bunyan Has Been Restored 

The Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor is 50 years old, and there’s been an effort by folks in the area to restore the legendary landmark to its original glory.After months of work the make-over is finally complete.The committee did several things to restore the statue, including repainting Paul, rebuilding the base, and fixing the landscaping around the statue.Tracy Willette, Director of Parks and Recreation in Bangor, says the restoration effort wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of volunteers.”It’s a huge effort and the city is so appreciative of the many organizations, businesses, and individuals that were willing to step forward with time, effort, funding, and volunteerism.” says Willette.A fund was set up to raise money to help restore the statue. That fund is still open, and the city is still taking donations for future repairs.If you’d like to donate you can send a check to Bangor Parks and Recreation. It can be made out to the City of Bangor, and in the memo area specify the money is for the Statue.