Teens in Orono Get a Hands-On Lesson in Physics 

Some teens in Orono got a science lesson Today, but it wasn’t your average class.And, as Meghan Hayward found out, they enjoyed the chance to do a little experimenting, even in the middle of Summer. It was a hands on experience in physics.It’s called Physics on the Road.”It’s a reasonable kind of way to increase Physics awareness. And that’s a lot of it. A lot of people are afraid of Physics because they think it’s all math and I can’t do it. When really it’s all around us it’s everything we do.”David Sturm does the demonstrations and says it’s all about getting teens involved.Which is why he asks for several audience volunteers.”And really it’s experimentation that’s what science is. It’s an experimental process. So the more hands-on we can do the better.”These teens came here from Camp Susan Curtis.Marisa Bosse would like to see more science classes take this approach.”I would get a lot more. I love science but if I had a science class like this every day I would probably get a lot more out of it.”What was her favorite part?”Definitely the static ball it made my hair go up and shocked all three of us that was pretty cool.”Catie Tringali says when she heard what the demonstration was about she wasn’t excited but after sitting through it she has a different outlook.”It surprised me a lot that I had fun because I’m one of those people that isn’t always willing to go to science class.”Tringali thinks she would learn a lot if more of her science classes were structured like this.”If we had it like this at my school I would be acing all my tests.”Something that makes sturm happy to hear.”Because we’ve planted something a seed in their head that they can do this. It’s hands-on and approachable.”