Hancock County SPCA Close To Reaching Their Goal 

The SPCA has been hard at work raising money, as part of their Capital Campaign, for the past 3 years. The money is going to build a much needed new facility to house their animals.They have raised approximately $1.8 million and they’re hopeful they can raise another $200,000 and break ground on the new building as soon as possible. The current facility is far too small to accommodate their ever-growing needs. The new building will allow them to house three times as many dogs and four times the number of cats. Douglas Radziewicz is the Executive Director of the Hancock County SPCA and says the time is now for this new facility. “If we had more people looking at the role of the SPCA and realize that there is an urgent need,” says Radziewicz, “then we’ll get this building built and we’ll be doing exactly what we feel we should be doing.” Anyone interested in donating to the new Hancock County SPCA can see their website., or call 207-667-8088. Naming rights are available.They currently have an abundance of cats that need good homes there as well. The cost of adopting a cat is around $90. That cost includes the cat has the following: 1. Spayed or neutered2. Had their first round of vaccinations3. Has been treated for fleas 4. Been tested for feline AIDS and feline leukemia5. The cat has been wormedThey’re located at 141 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton.