Ellsworth Hospital Needs Help To Find Missing Cat 

At Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth, there’s something missing. Something most of these folks consider priceless. Miss Pumpkin, the 13-year-old hospital cat has been missing for 3 weeks. Connie Lee Gordon has been the main caretaker for Miss Pumpkin and discovered she was missing. “A lot of employees have talked to neighbors in the area looking for her,” says Gordon, “a lot of employees have organized searches and still haven’t found her.”Miss Pumpkin has been part of the family here for the past 12 years. She has free reign of the office trailers behind the hospital and even has her own bed in each trailer. People in the area donate their cans and bottles to help cover vet bills and food. “Everyone knows who Miss Pumpkin is and everyone looks out for her,” says Gordon, “if she’s up in the smoking area, they bring her back down because there are too many cars up there. they open the door and tell me Miss Pumpkin was up by the cars and we didn’t want her to get hit.”In a high stress environment, Miss Pumpkin has helped to ease the tension. Carol Tiffen James, a medical trancriptionist says just having Miss Pumpkin around is relaxing. “We get paid by production as far as transcription goes,” James, “so it’s a very high stress, anxiety provoking job, and to have her come in and lie on your feet or on something, just to see her, it’s a good stress reliever.”Miss Pumpkin is a 7 pound orange cat and her collar should make her easy to spot.”She has a collar on, a red collar, with reflective footprints, and her name badge says miss pumpkin hospital cat,” says Gordon who says the folks around here just want her to come home. “We would love to have her back. if someone took her by mistake we totally understand. we would just love to have her back, and no questions asked if she just shows back up on hospital property, that would be wonderful. You would hear everyone scream and holler because we would be so excited to get her back.”