Detroit Fire 

A house fire in Detroit on Troy Road called the attention of several fire departments this afternoon.The call came in just after noon today.When fire fighters arrived at the home of Ronald Paradis and Benoit Grenoah, heavy smoke was coming from the backside of the house.Fire fighters say because of the hot temperatures they had to work quickly to get the fire under control.Officials say crews were able to knock the blaze down in about 10 minutes.Don Chute, fire chief for Detroit, says today’s heat made fighting this fire particularly difficult.”You’re talking about right now 85 degree temperatures, high humidity, going into a room that’s 1500 plus degrees. Right now the room is still plus 200 degrees. So real tough for the fire fighters. We called in force around the community for man power, make sure we have the ability to replace people, 15 minutes of work today was enough.” Crews from Newport, Plymouth, and Pittsfield were called in for mutual aid.Chute estimates about 30 thousand dollars in damage was done to the home, and another 30 thousand in contents was lost.The home owners were insured.Chute says right now, it looks like the cause of the fire was electrical.