Toppled Mobile Home Slows Traffic 

A mobile home became quite immobile on I-95 in Bangor Monday night, creating traffic delays for several hours.Crews were clearing what was left of that home on the side of the highway Tuesday. It was being hauled along the interstate Monday when two wheels blew out. State police say contractors spent several hours trying to fix the wheels but the structure remained too unsteady to be safely moved. So the decision was made to tear it apart.”We wanted to create a safer work environment for not only DOT and workers here, but motorists. And so we figured if it had to be taken apart in pieces in the travel lane, it could just as easily be taken apart in pieces in the breakdown lane. So we pushed it off into the breakdown lane,” says Maine State Trooper Trevor Snowe.We’re told the trailer was being towed to a new area to be used as a storage facility, and was no longer being used as a home.