Searsport Shores Campground is a Hit with Dogs 

A campground in Searsport has a new addition that’s pretty doggone friendly.As Meghan Hayward tells us it’s not only a hit with the four-legged animals but their owners too.” We noticed that our guests were becoming younger and more athletic and the dogs they were bringing with them are more energetic and athletic. So they want to do more. So this was a solution so that they could bring their pets with them and let them run and play.”And the dog aquarium at the Searsport Shores campground was created.But how did it get its name?” Because when you’re driving down into the campground and you look off to the right. You see all these dogs playing behind a fence just like an aquarium and being on the seashore it seemed perfect.’Astrig Tanguay is the owner of the campground and says since opening last week the fenced-in dog run has been a hit .” One-hundred percent positive. People have been extending their stays. Peope have been talking about staying longer next year because suddenly they weren’t concerned about their dogs but now they’re seeing how well they are behaving.”The Harding family is from Massachusetts and has been coming to the campground for nine years and their dog Runner has been with them each year.They say they like the new addition.” It’s great we can come and just let them go and they can mingle with other dogs and have some fun.”The Gural family from Pennsylvania has come to the campground at least six times and say their dogs fit right in in the fenced-in area.” It’s fabulous because our two big dogs love to run around and they have a big fenced-in area at home so this is just a really big added bonus for us.”Buffy and Rufus are taking to the aquarium, too.” Oh they run around with the other dogs just chase each other and meet new friends.”Tanguay says she was a little concerned about how the dogs would get along but so far says there have been no problems.She hopes to add some obstacles and maybe even a frisbee throwing contest but right now they are happy to bring something new to their guests.