Bar Harbor Economy Up Thanks To The Sunshine 

Now that the sun has finally shown up, people have begun to flock to the Bar Harbor area. Kathy Grant is the Assistant Supervisor at the Hulls Cove Visitor Center and she seen a steady increase thanks to the sunshine. “Our visitorship was down,” says Grant, “definitely since the warm weather our numbers are up, we’ve had a lot of people the last couple of days asking where our beaches are.” People are finding out that Acadia has much more to offer than just the beach, like Nancy Stangel, visiting from Windsor, Connecticut. “We came up Cadillac Mountain today, which is another magnificent spot,” says Stangel, “it’s a beautiful hot day in august, it’s wonderful.” Ryan Blutnik came from Brooklyn, New York and decide to for a bike ride. “It’s the first time I biked up Cadillac Mountain, I started at Blackwoods Campground, went up the loop road and ended up here.”The sunshine seems to have also given businesses in Bar Harbor a shot in the arm. “Oh people are smiling now you can definitely see what sunshine does to people and the increase business is obvious this week,” says denise Morgan, Operations Manager for Oli’s Trolley, “it seems like summer started this week.” Jimmy Velas runs the Quarterdeck Restaurant in downtown Bar harbor and he is seeing an increase in business. “You could tell people weren’t coming from the Bangor area down into Bar Harbor,” says Velas, “but now we’ve seen an extreme pick up in sales, people around town and stuff like that, the weather is treating us pretty well.”Folks around here say if the sun decides to stick around this season should turn out to be just fine. “Well we really hope that September and October hold,” says Morgan, “we do have many cruise ships yet to come this year and if the weather does hold we should definitely end up with a good season.”After all as 8-year-old Hannah Slamm points out, “when it’s rainy, you can’t do much stuff.”