July 2009 Second Highest Take In For Hollywood Slots 

Business is booming at Hollywood Slots Hotel and Raceway this Summer.They are seeing record numbers and expect it to continue to grow.Meghan Hayward has the story.In a Summer where so many businesses have seen a downfall in revenue. Hollywood Slots Hotel and Raceway in Bangor has seen an increase.” July was a good month. It was our best month other than our grand opening month at this new facility last year in July.”The state’s only gaming facility had a gross revenue of 70.5 million dollars for July 2009.An amount that Director of Marketing Jason Birney says was possible because of their promotions.” Excellent promotions. We gave away a truck. The people really seem to be reacting to that well.”Birney says they are going to keep trying to do promotions that their customers want to come back for.He says their collaboration with Quirk Auto is one of the promotions that seem to be a hit.” That was so great in May that we brought it back in July for the public. And now coming up at the end of August we’ll be giving away a Camaro with Quirk Auto as well.”Birney says about 100,000 people came through the doors in July.So how are they bringing in such large numbers of people?” We try to offer something for everybody. Not only do we have slot machines, we have the sound stage lounge where we offer weekly entertainment.”Birney says Bangor is benefiting greatly from Hollywood Slots because a large amount of the revenue is going back into the city.” I know that there is over 6-million dollars saved toward the new Civic Center already. There’s over 4 million dollars that has gone toward scholarships. I really believe Hollywood Slots is good for the city of Bangor and the state of Maine.”