Man Who Claims Assault at Acadia National Park to Sue Government 

The lawyer for a man who says rangers threw him to the ground while trying to break up a party in Acadia National Park last year will sue the federal government. Jon Holder filed a damage claim with the government six months ago for his client, Tim Wild. Holder tells TV5 the government denied the claim and he’s going forward with a lawsuit. Wild and Catherine Junkert were among a group of people that hiked up Day Mountain last August. Park rangers say there was underage drinking and marijuana use going on. They tried to break up the party, arresting Wild and Junkert. Wild wound up with facial fractures and a concussion. One of the rangers reportedly says Wild was belligerent and was resisting. Wild says he was deliberately thrown to the ground.Wild’s lawyer says he has several grounds for a lawsuit, such as assault, negligence and malicious prosecution. He’s seeking monetary damages and plans to file the suit next week.Last week, the National Park Service said rangers Kevin Donnell and Jim Lyon were cleared of using excessive force and will not be disciplined. The U.S. Attorney also found no grounds to prosecute the rangers.