First Annual KahBang Music and Art Festival Hits Bangor Waterfront 

Music lovers will want to hit the Bangor waterfront this weekend.The first annual Kahbang Music and Art Festival is coming to town.Meghan Hayward has the story.”It’s more or less something that Bangor has never seen except the Folk Festival. That’s kind of who we’re copying they’ve worked with us sharing their infrastructure. We’re going to try and match it to scale but except have it be more rock and roll instead of folk.”Folks in Bangor will be able to tap their feet to the beat of the music at the first annual Kahbang Music and Art Festival.So what can people expect to find at the festival?” I don’t want to tell them what they can or can’t expect because it’s going to be anything and everything like I said they might walk in and a guy could be breathing fire next to them.”The festival will feature six national and one international band.Which is something Festival Director Chas Bruns says you don’t usually find in Bangor.” So it’s kind of cool for people who are local and especially high school students and people who don’t get to go out to have something that’s available to check out.”Two of the acts are local ones too.Tom Tash and Susanne Gerry are in the Bay State band.They got together about five years ago but have moved around.Gerry says they are happy to be performing in Bangor.” This is really really awesome and I personally am so excited that something like this is finally happening up here. If I had been a teenager and this sort of festival came my way I would have been so excited.”The Bay State band is a pop-rock one.And they say a lot goes into preparing for a performance like this.” Practice. Being able to know you’re going to be able to bring your game. There’s a lot of hype around something like this. There are people who can be close-minded about music sometimes so you have to be prepared for that. There are going to be people who like it and people who don’t.”Yuri Trusty is a member of the Sam and Yuri band.Trusty says his band has been trying to play as much as they can around Bangor but it isn’t always easy.He says the band is thrilled to have a chance like this.” Incredibly monumental definitely. Up until recently there hasn’t been much of a scene for music around here.”Both bands hope they will be back performing on the same stage next year.Something Bruns says it quite likely.”We’re trying to make it an annual event where we take over the entire waterfront.”