Teachers Open New Tappas Restaurant In Bangor 

For Dennis and Wendy Glidden, the thought of owning their own restaurant sounded like fun. “Actually my wife and I have done a ton of traveling,” says Dennis Glidden, “and so we just always wanted to do it, we’re both French teachers and we said we got to do something different.” “We had a lot of ideas,” adds Wendy Glidden, “and we thought let’s just do it, we thought we could accomplish that, accomplish our goal.”They found the ideal spot while driving around the Bangor waterfront. “We were riding by one day and we saw a restaurant for lease and we came up and decided that was it, but it was more difficult than that,” explains Glidden. At first glance one might think L’apertif is the type of establishment that would have a dress code, but that is not the case says Dennis Glidden. “It’s been a little bit of an issue because someone comes to the door and they look and they say, oh my goodness it’s elegant, and we say, come in please, no matter what you’re wearing.”The Glidden’s have kept their business venture a family affair, their daughter Amanda is in charge of the wait staff and she says she’s excited about the opportunity to work with her parents and thinks they have a great idea for a restaurant. “We have kind of a modern theme going on,” she says, “a lot of black and white and gray, a lot of comfy couches which is awesome, everyone loves sitting down, chilling out after a long day of work or whatever they’re doing.”Despite both owners being french teachers, the cuisine is wide open. It is a tappas restaurant which means they serve food that is designed to share. “Just an amazing array of food from england to france to germany,” says Executive Chef Paul Beaulieu, “we’re going to have some Thailand, just basically representing all the regions of the world.”That includes some home cooking. “Like for example, one of the features on our menu was my Mom’s spaghetti dish, so a little bit of everything,” says Glidden.The Glidden’s also say Bangor has welcomed them. “The restaurant owner from Paddy Murphy’s, the guy is just phenomenal,” says Glidden, “he came up the first day we were here, anything he could do for us.”