Olympia Snowe Speaks To Small Business Owners At Husson 

Senator Olympia Snowe spent the morning at Husson University in Bangor, focusing on business. The senator was part of a panel talking to small business owners about issues effecting them in today’s economy.Also on the panel was Karen Mills from the United States Small Business Administration. The group spoke on topics ranging from the impact of federal stimulus money to green jobs, and of course health care.Time was given for the audience to ask the panel questions, a number of the questions focused on the issue of health care. “Some people would prefer to have us do it sooner rather than later,” said Senator Snowe, “and I say you can’t be confined by by unrealistic time frames on such a complex and costly matter, I think that has been some of the problems to begin with quite frankly, you know you have to write a thousand page bill, it takes time.”