Murder Suspect Makes First Court Appearance 

The Bangor man charged with murdering a 19-year-old woman from Old Town made his first court appearance Thursday morning.Colin Koehler remained quiet throughout the brief proceedings.Amy Erickson was in the courtroom. She has the story.34-year-old Colin Koehler kept his head down in court Thursday and told the judge he understood the charges against him.He’s accused of killing 19-year-old Holly Boutilier, whose body was found in a shack along the Penobscot River last Sunday.In the complaint read in the courtroom, Koehler is alleged to have killed Boutilier the day before her body was discovered.”I don’t really want to comment on the facts of the case, other than the Bangor Police has put together a very strong case, I think, against the defendant.”Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson is prosecuting the case for the state.He says Thursday’s proceedings went as expected.”He hasn’t been charged by the grand jury yet, so the only issue was whether bail was going to be set. Currently, he’s being held without bail and a harnish hearing, a full blown bail hearing may be scheduled for next week.””It’s my suspicion that even if bail was set, it’d be set at a very high level.”Benson asked that Koehler be given a psychiatric evaluation.”This is certainly an unusual situation for anyone to be in…it would be quite a shock for anyone and I think it’s fair to say that Mr. Koehler finds himself as most of us would in a situation like this.”Koehler’s attorney, Richard Hartley, declined to comment on a potential defense.”I’ve had some chance to speak with Mr. Koehler, some chance to speak with his family, but frankly, it’d be far too premature to predict what might happen.”No date has been set for Koehler’s bail hearing, but it’s expected to happen sometime next week.Still no word on how Boutilier was killed.An autopsy was completed, but the cause of death has not been released.