Lobsterman Accused of Shooting Claims He was Defending Daughter 

A lobsterman accused of shooting another lobsterman on Matinicus Island last month told police he fired his gun while defending his daughter. 68-year-old Vance Bunker was back in court today to ask a judge to amend his bail conditions. Bunker faces charges of elevated aggravated assault. Police say last month, Bunker shot fellow lobsterman Chris Young in the neck.Court paperwork filed today says Bunker claimed he was trying to protect his daughter, who was with him at the time of the shooting.Bunker was ordered off the island and originally planned to ask the judge today to amend his bail conditions so he could return. But Knox County District Attorney Geoffrey Rushlau says Bunker withdrew that request until the investigation is complete. The judge did amend Bunker’s bail so he can use or possess alcohol.