Take This Job and Love It: Tim Horton’s Drive Thru 

Our own Amy Erickson switched jobs again.This time, she put on a hairnet and headset, to try her hand at working the Tim Horton’s drive thru.We’ll see how she did in this month’s “Take This Job and Love It.”As the owner/operator of the Tim Horton’s in Brewer, Marc Nicknair is charged with making sure hundreds of folks get their caffeinated wakeup call each morning.”Customers come through, they want their coffee fast, they want it fresh, they want it friendly. so that’s what we do here at Tim Horton’s.”Marc says he can teach me to get the job done…but first…the necessary accessories.”We’re gonna outfit you with a hair net. Just what i’ve always wanted!”Once I’m outfitted with a headset, it’s time to hit the most popular spot of the morning.”So we’re doing the drive thru? we’re going to the drve thru, let’s head over there.”This drive-thru gives a whole new meaning to the term “fast paced.”These ladies consistently rank in the top ten for the fastest stores in New England.”Our goal is to serve the customers in 25 seconds or less during peak hours. that was 7 seconds. i don’t know if i can do 7 seconds! sure, you can do it.”I’m not so sure.But I’m on the job as the orders start coming in.”Large coffee, they want it half decaf, cream and a sleeve…half decaf, right.”It’s harder than it looks, with orders coming in in your headset, plus up on the screen…never mind the foot traffic in the busy drive thru area.And the coffee orders aren’t as simple as “cream and sugar.””It’s amazing how people drink their coffee. i drink it black so that’s easy. we have flavored coffees…everyone drinks it a little differently.””Now you could really mess with someone if you gave them hi test instead of decaf. well, we wouldn’t want to do that. i wouldn’t want to be responsible.”After a while, I get the hang of it.”Not bad! But you guys go so quick! That was pretty fast! Not as quick as you!”From there, it was on to packing up donuts…To doing a little bagel baking…to keep up with the morning demand…”you gotta put your mitts on. oooh, they’re warm!”By the end of the shift, I’m ready for a break…and to get my review.”Alright, Marc, so how did i do? you did wonderful. want an application? so i have to work on my speed a little, cause these girls are fast. yes. speed and accuracy are very important to our customers.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Brewer.