Hannaford Workers Speak Out Against So-Called Anti-Union Actions 

Some former Hannaford workers gathered in Bangor Wednesday to speak out against what they say are anti-union practices within the grocery store chain. The workers were also joined by members of the Maine People’s Alliance and the group, Food and Medicine.They say they want to put an end to what they call Hannaford’s misinformation and intimidation campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act. The legislation, which is pending in Congress, would make it easier for employees to form unions. The folks with the Maine People’s Alliance say they’ve heard dozens of stories about Hannaford employees being harassed at work. Here’s what Kate Brennan had to say: “Workers being called into mandatory meetings. There being anti-union signs in the break rooms. Actually managers meeting with workers and telling them they shouldn’t support the Employee Free Choice Act, a piece of legislation.”A spokesperson for Hannaford says the company believes that open and direct conversation between employees and managers is the best way to resolve issues.He adds that while the company believes everyone’s interests are best served without a third-party union, Hannaford does follow all labor laws and regulations.