Block Party Helps Showcase Public Aid In Dover Foxcroft 

The people of Piscataquis County have been hit hard during these tough economic times. Wednesday they were given a glimpse at some of the public resources available to help them make ends meet at a block party sponsored, in part, by Bangor Savings Bank. “The block party today is for laid off workers, disadvantaged, as well as under employed for an opportunity to access resources of the greater Piscataquis area such as fuel assistance, child care, health services, the food cupboards as well as other resources they can access,” says James Macomber, one of the organizers of the event. Folks were treated to a free barbecue lunch and tables were made available to help them better understand what help is out there. Shannon Bishop, from the Piscataquis Public Health Council was on hand to help out by handing out grab bags. “In the bags we have water bottles, we have materials from partnership tobacco free maine, materials from the office of substance abuse, stickers that have to do with nutrition,” sais Bishop.For organizers, an event like this makes it easier to get their message out there. “We could try to do this by mail, we could try to do this by phone,” says Bishop, “but this is a great way to gather those people together who can actually benefit from these resources.”It also gives them a chance to reach people who feel a little too proud to ask for help. “Mainers by nature are hard workers and want to be independent,” Macomber adds, “but sometimes it’s hard to ask for that assistance, so this is an opportunity to get that information out in front of them so when they decide they need that kind of assistance it’s there.”For a community like this, it’s a chance to maybe help out a friend.”I think it means a lot for the region you know it’s a way to connect people,” Macomber says, “we’re a small county, as far as population numbers go, large in space you know we all know each other, we’re all neighbors, and we all want to help out.”