Bangor Murder Arrest: Update 

A man from Bangor is behind bars in connection with the murder of a woman from Old Town over the weekend.Police arrested 34-year-old Colin Koehler after a stand-off in downtown Bangor Tuesday afternoon.Police had a warrant to search Koehler’s Columbia Street apartment.When they attempted the search around 3 p.m., Koehler wouldn’t let them inside.The swat team was called in and tear gas was used.Koehler was taken from the scene by Bangor Police. He’s been charged with 19-year-old Holly Boutilier’s murder.Her body was found on Sunday morning in a shack by the Penobscot River.Lieutenant Tim Reid of the Bangor Police Department say the two knew each other. “They were familiar with each other. The extent of that I’m not sure, but they were familiar with each other. It was not a random thing. The investigation is ongoing. We do expect we’ll probably receive a number of phone calls now that he’s being held.”Koehler is expected to appear in court Thursday morning.