Bangor Man Arrested for Murder 

A Bangor man has been taken into custody in connection with the murder of 19-year-old Holly Boutilier.Officials say that 34-year-old Colin Koehler was arrested after a stand off in downtown Bangor Tuesday afternoon.Koehler lives in an apartment building on Columbia Street.Police had a warrant to search that apartment.Around three-o’clock Tuesday afternoon, members of the criminal division of the Bangor Police Department went to the suspect’s apartment to execute the warrant.The stand off started when the suspect denied officials entrance. “The warrant was approved earlier this afternoon as a result of a number of interviews that we’ve done. I’m not going to reveal the content of the interviews,” Said Lt. Tim Reid of the Bangor Police Department.The swat team was called in and tear gas was used.Koehler was taken from the scene by Bangor Police, we’re being told he’s been charged with Boutilier’s murder.Her body was found on Sunday morning in a shack by the Penobscot River.