Prentiss Man Sentenced to 30 Years for Murder 

A Prentiss man found guilty of murdering his best friend while under the influence of cocaine was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison.In May, Joseph Dumas was convicted of shooting Mario “Sonny” Litterio in the back of the head back in November of 2007.During the trial, the defense argued Dumas was in a cocaine-induced psychosis at the time and therefore committed the lesser crime of manslaughter.The jury found him guilty of murder.Dumas’ attorney Richard Hartley says he believes the 30-year sentence was fair.”Mr. Dumas had led a life that was not a violent life. He hadn’t engaged in behavior like this before. And this was really an aberration in what was a productive life for the last 20 years while he’s been in the Prentiss area.”Hartley says Dumas’ step-daughter was in court Tuesday for the sentencing, and his co-counsel read a letter from his daughter.The state had asked for a 40-year sentence, while the defense asked for 25.