Pittsfield Teen Gearing Up for World Yo-Yo Championships 

Most teenagers are relishing the last few weeks of summer vacation.But one teenager in Pittsfield has been studying lately.Studying new tricks to try out on competitors from around the world.17 year old Colby Bradshaw starts his senior year of high school in just a few weeks, but right now he has bigger things on his mind, like the World Yo-Yo Championship. “I know what tricks I want to do, like my newest stuff and then I just try to match them up to the music that I choose.”When he started messing around with a yo-yo a couple of years ago, his Dad Bill never saw it progressing to this point. “I yo-yoed when I was a little you know with a Duncan butterfly, around the world, that’s about as far as I go, around the world yeah.” Bill is proud of his son, “I don’t think that just anyone can pick this up and just do it. I think it’s a special skill.”It’s a skill that will take Colby to Orlando to compete against the best in the world, but he knows he’s a newcomer to the international stage.”Maybe just get recognized, meet some friends that I’ve met online in Yo-Yo forums and stuff and just have a good time,”Colby said. “These guys that win have been doing it for ten years plus and they’re sponsored players and they’re really good. I’ve been doing it for two years and yeah they’re at a higher level.”The Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo that Bill used as a kid, costs a little more than three bucks today. The Yo-yo’s Colby uses are made of metal, and titanium and have ball bearings, and can cost more three hundred dollars. “Well I have one that’s $350, and the rest are like $120, and then I have a bunch of like these twenty dollar yo-yo’s””I figure it’s a good investment” says his Dad, ” You know they’re something he’s gonna have, they’re gonna last and they have trade value, he can trade them with other players, and get other neat yo-yo’s it’s a means of him building friendships as well will is really nice.”