‘Let’s Go!’ Program Aims to Keep Kids Fit 

Childhood obesity is a concern for folks in all areas of the state. Now, an educational program that’s had some success in other parts of Maine is being rolled out here.The Let’s Go! program partners with schools, community groups, healthcare agencies – places that have the opportunity to teach kids healthy habits.It’s based around the “5-2-1-0″ slogan, which encourages five fruits and vegetables a day, two hours or less of screen time a day, one hour or more of physical activity and zero sugar sweetened drinks.Eastern Maine Health Systems will be coordinating the Let’s Go! program here and helping community groups develop their own educational programs.Senator Susan Collins says since 36 percent of the adults in Maine are overweight, obesity is a big healthcare problem. She says that’s why she pushed for 285-thousand dollars in federal funds to support the program.”If we can teach children good healthcare habits, if we can educate them about nutrition and exercise, we can set them on a path of a lifetime of good health,” Collins says.Some folks from Aroostook county and the greater Portland area say the program has had measurable success in their communities. In some Portland schools, they say children are now choosing milk over soda, and fruit over cookies, all on their own.Organizers say the program will get underway here this fall.