100 Years Young 

There was a party today at Friendship Cottage in Blue Hill.Friends of Violet Tompkins gathered to celebrate a major milestone in her life.”Today is Mom’s 100th Birthday.” Says Louis Stevens Violet’s daughter.Violet Tompkins was born in 1909 in Crockers Cove Newfoundland. She had a happy childhood, spending her days playing with her five siblings.Violet moved to Boston when she was 18, and met her husband soon after. She dedicated most of her life to raising her family.”She had five children, I’m the youngest, and there’s an eleven year span. So for 28 years she really didn’t have a break. She was raising a kid of one age or another.” says Stevens.Violet’s had many hobbies, including latch hook and liquid embroidery, but the most impressive by far, has to be hunting.”I took from Newfoundland the second largest moose that was ever taken out of the country.” says VioletAnd at 100 years, Violet’s still impressing. Her family says, she’s active and sharp as tack.”I think it is marvelous. I just hope that she can keep that way as long as she is left here on earth.” says Stevens.Violet adds, “I’m thankful for health and strength and eyes to see and ears to hear.””Mother has a sense of humor. She has always had it, and that I think is a saving grace, she’s loved by people other than just her family.” Says Stevens.