Raceway Holds Benefit for Wheelchair-Bound Driver 

The folks at Unity Raceway did their part Sunday to help out one of their longtime drivers who has a special need.Jim Dennis has been racing at the track for seven years.He’s confined to a wheelchair, but uses a car outfitted with special hand controls so he can compete. He’s second in the points race this season and has two wins under his belt so far this year.But Dennis is in need of a new wheelchair so he can live his life more fully.He’d like what’s called a “Renegade Chair,” that can conquer all kinds of terrain…he compares it to a mountain bike.Folks at the Raceway held a special fundraiser to help Dennis come up with the money for the chair.They put on a barbecue and pig roast and donated all the proceeds to the wheelchair fund.Raceway employees were hoping to raise at least half the cost of the four thousand dollar wheelchair at Sunday’s benefit.