New Technology at EMMC Makes for Faster, More Accurate Cancer Treatment 

New technology that just arrived at Eastern Maine Medical Center’s cancer center is designed to make treatments faster and better for some patients. One piece of radiation equipment was delivered today to the new CancerCare of Maine facility in brewer.It will better target a tumor, sparing healthy tissue, and we’re told it will significantly cut treatment time.Patients who might normally be scheduled for a half-hour of radiation can now be treated in five to ten minutes. Carol Guptill, the manager of the radiology and oncology department, says that’s especially important as maine’s population gets older.”We will probably be treating more patients and were already quite extended in our hours that we have so we’ll be able to treat more patients throughout the day, so that will be a good thing.”Another new piece of equipment delivered last week will let doctors, essentially, use radiation to do surgery on tumors. It will take up to two months to install the equipment and then it will need to be fine-tuned before it can be used on patients.