Town Of Shirley Celebrates 175th Anniversary 

”The people in the town of Shirley are all very proud people.” Charlie Baker ought to know, he’s lived in Shirley for the better part of 70 years, and that pride will be on display saturday when Shirley celebrates it’s 175th anniversary. The town has kicked in $12,000 to help pay for the celebration.”To me Shirley is a town that hasn’t changed,” adds Colleen Taylor. Taylor is also a Shirley resident and has been instrumental in organizing the events on saturday. One thing that will change is the elementary school. It’s been standing since 1835 but is closing this year. “The sad thing is the big families aren’t around anymore and enrollment kept dropping down, and, down,” says Baker, “the last year I taught here there were 44 students and last year there was only 2.” There were only 2 students when Baker attended the school for seven years back in the 1940’s. The other student in Baker’s class? Colleen Taylor. The two agree that the school will be missed. “The greatest education any kid could ever get is in a one room schoolhouse,” says Baker, “it’s like one great big family.”In addition to honoring the elementary school, a book has been compiled which displays the proud history they have here, including how they got through the Great Depression. “People were always able to not give up, very honest, good, kind people that work together living in the town of Shirley,” says Baker.Senator Susan Collins will make an appearance here as well which has the people in the town buzzing with excitement. “For us to be lucky enough to have such a wonderful person coming to witness what a nice little community we have is great,” beams Baker. Some other things planned for the day include a BBQ dinner that is free for all Shirley residents, and $5 for non-residents, and of course, a fireworks show at 9:00.For Baker and the other people of Shirley they see this as an opportunity to show off their hometown. “We’re looking forward to seeing how many people come and really enjoy what we’ve spent many, many, many hours putting together to get ready for this event.”