The Maine Institute in Bangor is Attracting and Retaining Talented, Young Workers 

The Maine Institute in Bangor plays a crucial role in the medical field.It’s also attracting, and retaining, a lot of talented young workers.Meghan Hayward takes us inside.”We do what’s called exploratory clinical research and what that basically is is translating scientific information into medical applications.”Claire Deselle of the Maine Institute in Bangor says the focus here is on chronic diseases, particularly cancer.”We can’t cover all of cancer but we do have some specific areas where we have expertise and resources that we can leverage that gives us a unique advantage.”Another unique aspect of the research center is that more than half the staff are under forty.”A couple of things are exciting about having a young staff. For one thing you have a lot of enthusiasm and energy and a lot of fresh ideas. Another thing there’s always been a concern that there’s been a brain drain out of the state of Maine and we hope we are doing a small part to bring talent back or keep good local talent.”Ryan Lynch is a research assistant at the Maine Institute.He is originally from Maine and received his bachelor and master degrees from the University of Maine.Lynch says he’s happy to work in his home state.”It’s really great knowing that we’re working on relevant and important research here.”The Maine Institute collaborates with the University of Maine.Which is something Lynch says benefits the students and the institute too.”To have this type of equipment at this institute so close to the university it really allows us to do some really incredible, in depth research that otherwise wouldn’t be happening.”Deselle says the state of Maine is at an advantage with the type of research taking place here.She says the institute’s capabilities will continue to grow.”In terms of economic development is to actually see some of the work we do become adopted eventually into medical practice and some of the work become spin-offs and form new businesses here in healthcare and bio-medical world.”