Friends of Lincoln Lakes Appeal to DEP 

It’s another rejection for folks in the Lincoln area, trying to slow down a plan to put 40 wind turbines on Rollins Mountain and the Rocky Dundee Ridges.Concerned citizens headed to Augusta to push for more information about the potential harm of the first wind project.Members of the Board of the Department of Environmental Protection heard close to three hours of testimony Thursday, as the Friends of Lincoln Lake’s attorney tried to fight for a public hearing.DEP commissioner David Littel has denied the request for a public hearing in the past, and it was the board’s vote to uphold that decision again, but not before the appellants attorney Lynn Williams had this to say.”It’s troubling that the administrator decision maker in this matter would arbitrarily dismiss evidence that is inarguably conflicting and inarguably technical.”The group claims there are many citizens who believe that the DEP made a mistake in its rush to let First Wind proceed with the project.”We submitted hours of testimony in Lincoln back in February, and not a bit of it was incorporated in the consideration by the staff of the DEP.”Thursday’s appeal was to request a public hearing to let experts give a more thorough assessment of technical issues and noise impact.”There are noise concerns that the state doesn’t wish to consider, nor have they looked at. All of the reviews that have been done on wind and noise issues have been done by the companies that produce the project. There have been no independent reviews done on wind turbine noise studies, and a lot of the experts have been bought and paid for by the same people that are trying to put these up on our hills and refuse to let citizens be part of the process.”First Wind Vice President Matthew Kearns disagrees.”We have done robust studies on sound, wildlife, all of the issues the appellants are raising. It’s something we’ve done our homework on.”If the Friends of Lincoln Lakes choose, they may appeal the boards decision to supreme court.