World War II Veteran Receives High School Diploma 

A Bangor man who had waited a long, long time for his high school diploma is waiting no longer.He’s a World War II veteran who, just today, graduated.Meghan Hayward has his story.” I never thought I’d get it, I dreamed of it.”Charles Colburn is talking about his high school diploma.He was drafted into World War II, so he never got it.That is until now, on his eighty-seventh birthday.”Most wonderful thing that ever happened.”Even after holding the diploma in his hands he says it’s hard to believe.”But I said I’ve got to get it. So I did. I come over and I said by golly I will.”His daughter Jane Helsley along with her husband and daughter were at the ceremony.jane says her dad could not be happier.”So to him it’s kind of like a piece of a missing puzzle. He’s done a lot in his life but he always felt there was a little missing and this was it.”So where will the diploma go?”My whole wall is all the certificates and everything I’ve received over the years. And I got a special place right in the middle. It’s not going to one side it’s going right in the middle. I got it all picked out.”And how will he feel every day he walks by that wall and sees his high school diploma?”Each day it’s going to make me feel a little bit better. Because when people say you graduated? Yes I graduated. I’ll be proud.”