A Man Travels Across the Country on his Bicycle 

A man who hopped on his bicycle near Seattle nearly three months ago arrived, on his bike, in Bangor today.And it was to help out Disabled American Veterans along the way.Meghan Hayward has the story.Paul Halverson arrived via bicycle at the Central Maine Harley Davidson in Hermon on Tuesday.Paul started bicycling across the country on May fifteenth to raise awareness about the Disabled American Veterans organization.”To more or less do an outreach to the newer generation of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to help make them more aware of what the DAV can do and does do.”Paul started just north of Seattle and Bangor Maine is his last stop.Local DAV’s rely solely on donations.So this journey also acted as a fundrasier for local chapters.The Harley Davidson Corporation contributed nearly 1 million dollars.Paul says the feedback has been great.”To help boost the membership, to help build a better, bigger and stronger DAV. Because the bigger you are the stronger you are and the stronger you are the better you become.”Paul says he traveled through rain for at least three days.And most nights he set up camp.Did he run into any problems?”A challenge, you know there wasn’t.”So what pushed him along?”Desire keeps you going and if you have a good attitude.”Paul’s daughter Shara Halverson ran alongside him at his starting point and also joined him for the last five miles of his journey.”So I wanted to be here for the finish.”Shara is glad her dad decided to take this adventure.”His efforts are just astronomical and I’m just so proud of him and what he’s done.”And when asked if he’ll do it again?”Oh ya, I think I would.”