New Ellsworth Emergency Center Construction Right On Schedule 

Construction is underway at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital on a new and much improved emergency operation. The new Emergency room will come fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology that will allow the staff to treat patients with greater quickness and efficiency. “To give you an example,” says Karen Stanley, Chairman of the Board at the hospital, “this emergency center we have now is really built to accomodate about 12,000 visits per year, and historically we’ve been running about 18,000 per year.”Stanley says many factors have led to the rise in emergency room visits making this new facility a necessity. “Well I think there are a number of things at play here, one we have under-insured or people that are not insured at all, so too often the emergency department becomes their first contact with the medical profession, plus we have an aging population in Hancock county so there is a lot of usage going through our emergency department.” The construction began in the fall and the project comes with a hefty price tag. The hospital has secured $5 million dollars from a state bond and is in the process of raising the rest.”This is a $10 million dollar project,” says Jack Mccormack, Interim CEO, “the goal is to raise $5 million of that and the fundraising is ongoing, it’s been very successful so far, we have a long way to go but people have been very generous.”The new facility will have dozens of new features including a helipad. The folks here say that’s a welcome sight. “We provide a high level of care but we don’t provide the tertiary services,” says Mccormack, “when we determine they are needed, we need to get patients transferred as quickly as possible.”The project is set to be completed in January. Stanley says the people who work here are already excited. “This hospital has some of the greatest employees, I would put them up against any in the state or in the nation so it’s something they really deserve.”