A 26 Year Old Murder Case Is Finally Put To Rest. 

A 26 year old murder case has finally been put to rest.A former South Portland man convicted in the case was sentenced to life in prison.In June, 52-year old Thomas Mitchell was found guilty of killing Judith Flagg back in 1983 at her Fayette home.Flagg was killed in front of her one year old son who was found at her side.It was a cold case for a number of years, until modern DNA technology was used.DNA evidence obtained from Flagg’s fingernail clippings linked Mitchell to the scene.Family members spoke out in court today describing the horror and fear they’ve lived with since the murder.They asked for justice to be served, and were relieved by today’s decision.”A little bit of relief peace of mind possibly I guess would be the best way to describe it I mean he’s going to be behind bars, no one’s going to worry for women’s sake anymore.” says Ted Flagg, Judith Flagg’s widower.Mitchell was already serving time for kidnapping, rape, and attempted murder, when he was indicted for this crime in 2006.Mitchell did not address the courtroom today. He denies any involvement with the case.The defense says they plan to appeal the murder conviction.