Family Begins to Rebuild After Losing Home in Fire 

A family of five from Pittsfield who lost their home to a fire.Are now closer to getting a new home thanks to folks all across the state of Maine who have donated money and items.As Meghan Hayward tells us the family is use to giving by not receiving.Less than two months ago the Dodge family of Pittsfield lost their home in a fire.But in that small amount of time things have started coming together.Chaplin of the Sheriff’s Department Kevin Brooks has been helping build the Dodge’s new home.He says the family of five deserve all the support.” Typical rural Maine family. Just pulling together, working with what they can do to help each other out and meet their basic needs.”Brooks says the Dodge family would much rather be giving then receiving.” Will is the kind of guy, he would do things for others as well. It’s a little hard for him to accept some help but he needs it right now.”Brooks says he is surprised with the progress.” More than I expected I came Monday to check in on him and I saw the walls standing. I expected to just see slab so he’s really been doing well.”Michael Havey is a neighbor to the Dodge family and has been lending a hand too.” I’ve just been helping them with the rafters and came out and helped burn the rest of his house down a couple weeks ago.”Havey says he’s happy with the number of people who have come our to help.” Well it’s nice to see everybody. It’s real important for a small town to come together and help everybody else out.”Something Brooks says speaks volumes for the small communities in Maine.” I think it speaks well of it, pulling together and trying to help each other out. I think a lot of other communities would do just the same.”