Town of Benedicta Prepares for 175th Anniversary Celebration 

Folks in Benedicta are preparing for a big celebration this weekend.One they hope will bring all kinds of people together.Meghan Hayward has more.”The older people are getting very involved because it’s helping them to bring back memories and they’re digging through their closets finding history items. And they’re also bringing their families that have moved away. A lot of families are coming back for the weekend just to celebrate together.”Folks will be gathering in Benedicta to celebrate its 175th anniversary.Volunteer Anna Robinson says planning the celebration has been a lot of work.”And the biggest challenge has just been getting people able to give time. But its been incredible because when we need it it happens and people come out for it.”Robinson says she has focused on the children’s activities.She says involving the children in the celebration is important to her.”This is their community and it’s their parish. Hopefully some of them will grow up and stay here.”Isabella and Erin Robinson have helped planned the celebration and they’re excited.”Seeing everyone and having a lot of fun with my cousin, friends and family.”Erin is looking forward to the activities.”The bouncy tent and the ducking booth.”But besides having a good time, what does Robinson hope folks get out of the 175th anniversary celebration?”How important a sense of community is. Benedicta is an amazing community it really is.”For a complete list of the events planned you can visit their website