The Pet Rescue Party Comes to Belfast 

Animal lovers in the Belfast area are invited to what’s sure to be an emotional film screening this weekend.”An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever” is an award-winning documentary about pets left behind during Hurricane Katrina.The director will be showing the film on Sunday evening at the Colonial Theatre in Belfast, and he’s getting local animal organizations and rescue groups involved.It’s part of what he’s calling “The Rescue Party Tour,” his effort to help local animal causes across the country. He says the movie’s content often spurs people to want to help.”People have come away from the screening feeling very motivated or empowered to make a difference in their communities. And that’s what I was hoping to do,” says director Tom McPhee.He cautions that the movie’s content is powerful and not intended for people under 14.An American Opera will be shown this Sunday at the Colonial Theatre in Belfast at 6:15. Tickets range from 10 to 25 dollars, with some proceeds going to local animal charities.For more information, visit the Rescue Party Tour online.