Calais Man Sentenced for Killing Motorcyclist 

A man from Calais who hit and killed a motorcyclist from New Brunswick, will serve eight years for the crime. As part of a plea agreement, 39-year-old Chris Grant was sentenced today in Machias to eight years behind bars for vehicular manslaughter. He was also charged with aggravated assault and wreckless conduct with a dangerous weapon. In June of 2006, Grant was driving on Route 9 in Baileyville when he crossed the center line and ran into 57-year-old Gordon Lister, who later died.Grant’s truck then slammed into another truck, injuring two more people. Washington County District Attorney Michael Povich says Grant is already serving six years in state prison for selling drugs. Povich says today’s sentence will tack on about another 5 years to Grant’s time in prison.