New Attractions At The Bangor State Fair 

Crews are busy putting on the finishing touches as the Bangor State Fair gets underway friday afternoon at 2:00. The new opening times are 2:00 monday thru friday and noon on saturday and sunday.Admission is $10 and not only gets you in the front gate, but also unlimited access to all the rides.”We have the most popular teenage rides,” says E.J. Dean Vice President of Fiesta Shows, “the remix being behind us, the freak out, and the zipper, among a few.”If you’re not feeling quite that daring there are other alternatives. en we have some of the family rides,” says Dean,” the tilt-a whirl for you know all the nostalgia of going to the carnival over the years, the merry-go-round, funhouses and dark rides. whether you’re a teenager wanting to go on some thrill seeking mission to a grandparent enjoying the memories you had as a child with your grandchildren.”Some traditional favorites will be gone from this year’s fair, like the tractor pull and demoliton derby. Organizers fear if the track is torn up, it could injure some of the horses.However there are some new attractions like a group of bengal tigers. “Well your going to see eight bengal tigers,” says Mike Inks a handler with Marcan Tiger Preserve, “bengal tigers are native to india. a lot of people don’t know there are four different colors that bengal tigers come in, the most rare being the snow white bengal tiger, there’s only about 40 of those in the world so it’s a great opportunity to see them up close and personal right here in your hometown.” Some popular acts will be back as well, like the Dsconnected K9’s dog show, returning for its second year. “It’s a 30 minute show, we do three shows a day, all the dog’s routines are choreographed to music and the dogs are having fun catching frisbees.” This act actually features a world champion. “This is Harley Davidson and Harley is the current world frisbee dog champion he’s a 5-year-old border collie.”You can see Harley and the bengal tigers as well as all the attractions starting Friday at 2:00. For all the fair information log on to their website