Birds Acre in Ellsworth to Celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary 

A wildlife refuge and sanctuary in Ellsworth is preparing for a big celebration this weekend.A lot has changed on the property through the years.Meghan hayward has more.”This weekend is the fiftieth anniversary of Birds Acre and we specifically picked August First because that would have been the birthday celebration of Cordelia Standwood.”Standwood was an ornithologist and photographer who lived on the Birds Acre property for nearly 60 years.”And this property, which was originally only 40 acres and the beautiful home that is next to us, was a place where she sought refuge and sanctuary herself and she studied birds.”Birds Acre has now expanded to over 200 acres.Saturday and Sunday, folks can come out and enjoy the many activities planned for the celebration.So what do the folks at Birds Acre hope visitors get out of the sanctuary?”The first thing is we want people to know the beautiful treasure is here. A lot of people drive by, they don’t come in. They think it’s just birds and it’s not just about birds and it’s not just for them.”Birds Acre trustee Bonnie Hersey says Standwood would have praised a celebration like this.”I think it would mean the world to her. To know that people can come and enjoy the nature she treasured so much. And to know that her work was continuing on.”Admission to Birds Acre is always free and the celebration is too.Something the folks at Birds Acre feels benefits everyone.”And today the economy would dictate that it would be great to do things that are free. That are good for your health, educational and just uplifting and inspirational.”For more information on the events planned for the celebration Saturday and Sunday, you can call 667-8460 or go to their website