Seattle Man Ends Cross Country Trek In Old Town 

”I say that you turn 50 and there’s things you really want to do and you better do them because if you don’t do them, you might not have time or be able to do them.”For Gary Roberts of Seattle, Washington, the “thing” he wanted to do was take a bike ride to visit his sister. 2 months later, he’s due to arrive at her house. “My sister Carol Ann lives in Old Town, Maine,” says Roberts, “I haven’t seen her in about 15 years and I’m happy to say I’ll be having lobster with her and her husband and my wife tonight.”Robert’s wife Ellen joined him in Buffalo New York. The two biked to Niagra Falls and celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary.”It’s made me understand what his days have been like the past 75 days,” says Ellen Kaise, Robert’s wife, “but now I see what it’s like and I see why he would want to do it.”In addition to his wife, Roberts says no trip would be complete without a first mate. In this case he’s speaking of Brindle, the family dog. Ronerts has been pulling Brindle the entire way in a carrier that attaches to his bicycle.”She’s 15-and-a-half,” says Roberts of his first mate, “she’s the family dog and having a mate, even though you have to pull the mate, is great.”A 3000 mile bike ride does have some advantages.”In a sort of sly way I really enjoyed eating my way across the country,” says Roberts, “when you bicycle all day, you burn up 5-to-6000 calories a day, you can just eat, and eat, and eat, it’s just great.” Some of his favorite things to munch on during his trip? “Ice cream is high on the list, gotta have the carbohydrates so a lot of pizza, a lot of pasta, I like the donuts and the milkshakes, all the good stuff.”For roberts and his wife, they’ve had an inside look at the country few will ever experience. “The country is a huge country and it’s full of very wonderful people, I’ve had nothing but really good experiences, positive experiences, people have helped me, of all the bad things you might hear and see on the news and read, the country really is a wonderful country.”Anyone who would like to see photos from Gary Robert’s cross country trip are invited to see his [email protected]