Mount View School Nears Completion 

It’s a 40-million dollar project in Central Maine that is nearly complete.Mount View’s new elementary, middle and high school is the largest state funded school to date, and it’s about ready to open.As Adrienne Bennett reports it’s a place where students, teachers and staff will honor the past and celebrate the future of learning.”This is all natural light we probably won’t even have to put a light on here.” The design of Mount View’s K thru 12 complex is expected to deliver thousands of dollars in energy savings.”There’s 12 skylights in there in the high school gym and 8 in the elementary, middle school gym.” The majority of this 40-million dollar project in Thorndike is being paid for by the state. Six-hundred-thousand was put into technological advances for students and teachers, from computers”The centerpiece for learning is technology as a new tool.” to smart boards…and the school’s eco-friendly heating system.”It’ll pull wood chips into the bin then there’s a belt that will carry them up to the wood chip furnace..”On center stage, is something the community helped fund.”We’re really indebted to future 3 who provided an additional 1/2 million in funds to do the things that were aesthetically pleasing, expanding seating from 200 to 300, a cat walk, a great sound system. It converted it from an auditorium to a performing arts center.”A few hundred yards away the old school is being stripped away. Nearly 10-thousand dollars was raised from selling what could be salvaged.”Even the bushes, the rogosas went, lights went… actually I think I saw one day the gym bleachers go by on a flatbed.” But money wasn’t the motivating factor”We wanted to reduce the waste stream and make use of these things again.”And with the past nearly gone, the future is in sight”It’s nice to have a building but now a lot of the work is so, how do we improve the quality of what goes on in here?””Students will head back to class September 1, but before that there will be a formal dedication on August 30, and that will be open to the community. Adrienne Bennett, WABI TV5 News, Thorndike.