Manna Ministries Celebrates 18 Years 

Manna Ministries in Bangor is celebrating a 18 years of service.Manna began helping those in need on July 29, 1991.The organization started as a one room soup kitchen.It’s now grown into a homeless shelter, a drug and alcohol rehab center, and a very large food pantry – that serves an average of 125 meals per night.Manna helps countless people in the area through their many services. Bill Ray, Manna’s Director, contribute’s the success to community support.”Without the many hands and the many dollar bills, 50 cents, that come into this building we’d never be able to provide the food. We’d never be able to house somebody, we’d never be able to help somebody get out of drugs and alcohol. It’s the community that supports this place. It’s the community that supports the ministry.” says Ray.Ray has more expansion plans for Manna, he hopes to build a woman’s shelter this fall.