Fake Bills Found in Bangor Area 

State police say counterfeit twenty-dollar bills have been turning up in the greater Bangor area since last week.An alert cashier called police when he noticed a customer had used several twenty dollar bills with the same serial number.Since then, police have recovered more than 400-dollars in fake twenties from various places.Trooper David Yankowsky says the bills look and feel nearly identical to the real thing, and even pass the marker test.But the fake bills don’t show a watermark on the right hand side and are missing a security strip on the left hand side.Police say a similar fake bill has also surfaced in the Portland area.”The money is either being funneled up from the Portland area or even possibly from out of state, and eventually we caught up with it in the Bangor area,” says Trooper Yankowsky.The local investigation continues with the Secret Service involved.Police are urging cashiers, anyone who handles money, to look closely at bills…especially twenties.Even if they pass the marker test, make sure they have a watermark and security strip. And if more than one has the same serial number, you know something’s up. If you find a counterfeit bill, call your local police.