A Newspaper That Is A Different Kind of Read 

There’s a new newspaper in the town of Milbridge and it’s quickly spreading to the Bangor area.As Meghan Hayward tells us this paper is not your everyday read. It only shares good news.”Honestly it cost us 500 dollars. We started this. Grace put in $250 and I put in $250.”And The Good News-Paper was created.”What our goal is, is to provide information, inspiration and hope. In today’s world it is a really difficult times and what we wanted to do was just provide some hope and inspiration for everybody. Something to look forward to.”The Good News-Paper’s main base is Milbridge.It’s printed at the Ellsworth American in Ellsworth.”We have different columnists. We have writers all over the country actually. We have some from Tennessee and some in our backyards. They’re all over.”So what can someone expect to find in the paper?”We have health and wellness columns. We have a man cave which is designed for men and in the middle we have a local savings page so they can clip and save coupons.”You can pay $15 dollars for a year subscription if you’d like it delivered to your door, or you can pick it up for free at newsstands.Co-owner Nikki Look explains why.”Because you should never ever have to pay for good news and our paper will always be free for the consumer.”The paper is available from Bangor to Calais.The Bayside Shop N’ Save in Milbridge is just one of the many locations you can find it.So what does Look think is in the future for the paper?”I see the Good News going global and I am not joking. I see this in every mailbox. And I see everybody looking for it and going did you read the good news this week?”If you would like more info on The Good News-Paper or are interested in advertising with them send an email to [email protected]