Sockalexis Cousins Honored In Indian Island 

Here on Indian Island, Louis and Andrew Sockalexis are legends. The Penobscot Nation has been trying to get the two cousins’ athletic achievements recognized nationally. “I think it’s extremely important that, not only do they acknowledged as tribal heroes,” says Penobscot Nation Chief Kirk Francis, “but they get recognized for their significance the sports arena period so as I said earlier we’re really not saying that they’re the best athletes of all time but they certainly deserve to be among those.”Louis Sockalexis was a member of the Cleveland Spiders, who later changed their name to the Indians in honor of Sockalexis, the first native american baseball player in the Major Leagues. Andrew Sockalexis was an olympic marathon runner.Two resolutions passed by the maine legislature were presented to tribal Chief Kirk Francis.The resolutions call for the Cleveland Indians to change their mascot, which is considered offensive. They would also like the baseball Hall of Fame, as well as Sports Illustrated, to honor the Sockalexis cousins. Sports Illustrated recently published it’s list of the 50 greatest athletes from Maine and the Sockalexis cousins were not on it.”Really, we’re calling on these 3 entities to sit down at the table to rectify the situation. We’re hoping that because now that we have the state support behind this resolution, we’ll start to get the answers we’ve been asking for for years.”Francis would also like other native americans to acknowledge Sockalexis.”Of course today, we have players like jacoby Ellsbury and Joba Chamberlain, and people still excelling in major league baseball, but it’s important for them to know there are people who blazed that trail for them.”