Hearing Aid Donations Needed 

The Warren Center in Bangor is in the business of helping improve people’s hearing, including those who can’t afford to pay for a hearing aid. They’re part of the Regional Hearing Aid Bank.The program takes used hearing aids, reconditions or recycles them, then hands them out to low income clients.A new hearing aid can cost anywhere between 9-hundred to 4-thousand dollars. This allows folks to get then for free.Mary-Anne Saxl, Marketing and Development Director at the Warren Center, says that can make a big difference in someone’s life, and allow them to socialize again. “The folks also can show signs of depression because being part of society, being part of the social realm really is what makes life such an enjoyable thing. So, we want to make sure anybody who has a hearing loss can be served and receives a hearing aid.”But the Warren Center needs your help to make that happen. They need donations of hearing aids and money. Even if the hearing aid is outdated they can sell it for parts.To find out how to donate you can log onto or you can call them at 941-2850.There is currently a three year waiting list for the program.